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“Burning Old Belief Systems So Your Inner Fire Can Flow”

Offering 5 steps on lighting your own personal prescribed fires.

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Ferdinand-the-bullYesterday I got challenged in my yoga class. And not in the way you would expect.

I started doing “Hot” yoga about six months ago. This was actually shocking to me as I normally dislike hot anything. But, back in September, I decided with my birthday having just passed I needed to try something new. So I headed over to “Modo”-a studio that created their own brand of hot yoga. And to my surprise I found my body responded positively to the class. The heat made me more mindful and my concentration more focused. The only way I could make it through a class was to pay attention and breathe, effectively shutting up the committee in my mind who try to distract me every chance they get. I also found the atmosphere of the studio and its instructors light and upbeat with a certain level of structure (no latecomers allowed, strict adherence to the number of the people in the room etc) I find calming.

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