Welcome 2014, Welcome Change

sunriseHello and Welcome to not only my new website, but my new blog. I hope you will visit often and not only take in what I have to say but add your own voice to the comments.  

Its quite an auspicious moment for me who often struggles with change. I debated about changing my website. My previous site was less then a year old. But I knew to move forward, to manifest what I was claiming -change was required.  Scary as it can be at times. I feel the fear that shows up is to test us a wee bit-to see if we are up for the challenge and worthy of the reward this new direction shift may bring. The leap of faith required to get us to our new destination only proves that we are serious in our attempt to make it there.  

Our actions convey our intentions. We can talk about it, we can even “make a plan”.  But if we don’t actually start the process how can we expect divine support?  We are charged to lay our cards on the table. If we don’t believe in out own hand, who else will?

Like attracts like, wishy washy begets only more wishy washy. Hence if we expect things to change firm steps are required to send the right signals.


“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Albert Einstein
Change doesn’t always have to be something visible. Often the most powerful changes come from deep within.   Perspective can shift and once it does it can change your entire world. It can often have a domino effect.  Change your reactions and your sense of calm and peace becomes more grounded. Use more discernment in what you allow into your life, more quality flows in. 
I ran into a friend recently, a very wise and spiritual man, and I asked him how he was. His reply was “everything looks the same on the surface but lots going on inside”. I could relate.
We are on the doorstep of 2014. Many folks decide now is the time for change to happen when a new year rolls around.  Gym membership sales skyrocket in an attempt to make a change people will acknowledge. But all too often these attempts are ephemeral and  forgotten as the year moves on.
But what we can do is take a moment of quiet time to breathe and be still and see how we are really feeling about this new year rolling in. Do an inventory of your life and make a list of what needs attention. Then make a plan. Put it somewhere you can see it every day so you don’t let yourself forget.  
And before February 28, 2014, make sure you’ve checked something off that list.
No one need know what it is you did. This is for you.  
Happy New Year! 

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