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My Philosophy~My Journey.. 

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Pain can be an enigma. Most often the source of pain is hidden from view. It can show up as something that hurts. That sense of physical discomfort is often a last ditch attempt by the body to get your attention. It has most likely been giving you small hints all along but couldn’t manage to distract you enough to get you to examine the source of imbalance. Many who come for treatment tell me things like “I can’t sleep”, “My stomach hurts”, “I feel stressed out all the time”, “My appetite has changed” or even “I can’t go to the bathroom”. And many wonder why now “suddenly” they woke up and can’t turn their neck.

My philosophy is pain is a gift. If you can still feel pain it means you are alive. And, often, if you are feeling pain it hasn’t gone so deep within that it turns into something more chronic, like   dis-ease. 

Pain can be simply physiology, or so it appears. You sit at a desk all day and your neck hurts. If it was that simple then just sit up straighter, get a new ergonomic chair or move the position of your computer. Yet so many people endure the pain when they seem to know exactly where it is coming from.  Again, or so it seems. 



My own experience of pain revealed to me that pain can be physical, emotional, spiritual or heart centered. And many times it is a combination of all those factors. Hence simply addressing one may supply temporary relief but, very often, the symptom returns. That is because the core issue hasn’t been addressed. I tell most of my clients if you cannot quiet the constantly debating committee that lives between your ears the pain won’t resolve. I have seen many individuals go  from doctor to doctor, tried treatments that are western medicine based and also holistic, changed their diets and taken on new forms of exercise but their pain still persists and sometimes grows stronger in the frenzy to “fix” the problem.

But, what I have found, is when you slow down enough to be able to listen to what the message is the body is trying to send things change.


Spirit can only call when the cell phone is off.


I can talk about this because my own life, my own experience of pain~has been my esoteric lab. Since I first began this career in healing back in 1995, my own challenges have carried me down a path to where I now can share the information I gained with others who may be challenged in a similar way.

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What I have found is that health is something never to be taken for granted.  And doing whatever we can to keep ourselves “well” should be at the top of our list every day.  Eastern medicine dictates you see the doctor when you are feeling fine to keep yourself that way.  In our western culture we only think about health when we don’t have it.  In my opinion, that needs to change.


342px-Beguiling_of_Merlin_whiteIn our hyper busy, highly stimulated, caffeinated, career and consumerism driven world people are feeling lost.  And that is when your good health can slip away.

What I offer people is an opportunity to take inventory of what is going on and how it is effecting them.  In a “wellness consultation” we can sit down and examine together everything that contributes to your life. Very often things that never seemed like a issue may reveal themselves to be the source of great tension resulting in pain. Sometimes it can be difficult to see when you are living it.  Having a partner in health can help you understand where small changes can heed great result.

We can design a plan of action to address this pain and monitor how the treatment is unfolding with regular check ins.

We can also enhance this with bodywork and massage therapy, etheric healing, meditation and yoga.  All areas I can personally work with you on to reach a goal of peace and balance.

We all have so many gifts to offer the world. And in taking care of ourselves we make those gifts available and accessible to be shared with all who can benefit from your special intelligence.

I look forward to meeting and working with you!

Aum, Blessed Be, Amen


Lisa Avebury


Lisa is also a passionate “Introvert Activist” and has a website dedicated to her work at, check it out!