Q: Is there anything I can do to prepare for massage or a healing treatment?

a: Yes, drink LOTS of WATER before and after. Water helps the muscles be more pliable and accepting of a treatment prior to bodywork or hands free healing. Water after helps the body rid itself of toxins and lactic acid which is usually the cause of post bodywork soreness and malaise. Avoid caffeine and alcohol before and after treatment as both dehydrate the body. Also, eat lightly and avoid salty food before and after.

Q: Is there anything I can do on my own to rid the body of soreness or pain from from overwork, stress or over exercise?

a: Yes, EPSOM SALT baths. You should always keep a bag of epsom salts on hand. Epsom salt baths are a wonderful way to help the body relax and unwind general tightness. The salts are also highly detoxifying and are great to use when you are feeling drained and overwhelmed. I like to call it “vampired”! Epsoms salts are only about $8. for a large bag at any drug store. Add a few drops of organic essential oil like lavender for a more relaxing effect.

Q: If I injure myself and find the area swelled, red or warm to the touch what should I do?

a: ICE the injury immediately. Ice can bring down swelling and promote healing. In an instance like this if ice does not seem to be doing enough seek medical attention to make sure no bones are broken.

Q: What can I do for bruising post bodywork or in general?

a: Bruising can sometimes occur after a bodywork treatment due to stagnant blood being moved. If you bruise easily in general BIOFLAVONOID capsules can be taken to strengthen the structure of veins and capillaries. ARNICA MONTANA, a herb, can be taken orally before to prepare or after a treatment or trauma to help with bruising, swelling and pain. Boiron is the most common homeopathic brand and can be obtained at most health food stores. HERE is more info. 

ARNICA GEL should be in everyone’s medicine chest. Arnica gel is applied topically immediately after trauma and continued throughout the healing process. Arnica gel can lessen the time it takes for any trauma to heal. Moms take note, this is one of the best items to keep with you at all times to avoid kids bruising and pain. The faster you apply after the trauma occurs, the better chance to avoid black and blue. HERE is more info. 

Q: I feel a cold coming on should I still come in and get my treatment?

a: Yes, many times getting bodywork or a healing treatment can help remove toxins and move stagnant energy that may be the cause of the blockage coming through as cold symptoms. Many times a cold can be avoided by getting treatment. Also, drinking ALKALINE WATER and taking mega doses of VITAMIN C the moment you feel any kind of tingle can help you head it off before it becomes full blown. OREGANO OIL sprayed or dripped into a sore throat will help it resolve faster. It burns but it works!

Q: I have trouble sleeping at night and my legs cramp sometimes in bed, anything I can do for that?

a: Yes, it may be a lack of MAGNESIUM. Magnesium can help with consistent cramps and muscle soreness. Also, magnesium, taken before bed, can help you relax and sleep. My favorite for this is “Peter Gilliam’s Natural Calm”. I use Calm powder myself weekly and I love it. HERE is more info. 

Q: Any general health maintenance I can do to keep my immune system functioning?

a: Yes, take high quality multi vitamins daily or, at least, a few times a week. Due to genetically modified, over processed food, more pollution and toxic overload many nutrients we need get depleted. Taking a multi on a regular basis will help insure you are getting all you need. Also, if you are vegan or vegetarian taking an iron supplement is good insurance. I personally like the Thorne Research brand. HERE is more info. 

Q: Is there a place you can suggest I can go to practice meditation?

a: Yes, the LAKE SHRINE. Where Sunset Blvd and the Pacific Coast Highway intersect is a beautiful, spring fed lake. The largest natural lake in Los Angeles. This entire property is dedicated to the practice of stillness, contemplation and meditation. Just being in this environment will help your practice unfold, evolve and grow. There are even free intro to meditation courses offered every week. Check the website for days and times. HERE is more info. 

Q: Can you suggest a website to purchase some of the products you mentioned?

a: Yes, the best website I have ever found for price and convenience is www.iHERB.com Orders usually arrive within a few days, free shipping on orders $40. and over, discounts and free samples as well. They also offer bulk discounts. Use the coupon code LIS466 and save $5 on orders under $40, or $10 on orders over $40 the first time.

Q. Do you have a cancellation policy?

a: Yes, all appointments need to be canceled or changed 24 hours in advance of the appointment time. Anything less then a 24 hour notice will incur the full, scheduled treatment charge. Please understand you are booking my time and it is very difficult to fill up that space on short notice. For this I ask for your consideration of a 24 hour notice of change. Thank you for understanding.


*On site services available within Los Angeles county.