Wellness Consultation

During a Wellness Consultation an inventory is taken of extenuating life circumstance that could be contributing to or causing pain felt in the body. Factors from the physical, emotional, spiritual and heart centered plane are examined. Often just having a chance to talk about these issues begins to shift the energy and a release can begin. Once the information is gathered we can together look to ways to begin to shift old patterns of behavior and add in lifestyle alterations such as dietary changes, relaxation techniques, holistic therapies, supplementation and hands on bodywork to move towards well being. Wellness consultations can be scheduled as a coarse of treatment with check in periods every few weeks to go over how treatment is unfolding and to note if reevaluation is necessary.
Wellness Consultations are a vital tool to everyone’s overall health care as they dig to the root of the pain causing issue. Once the root is exposed we can get rid of the weeds that are inhibiting growth. After one Wellness Consultation many people report specific pain related issues that were giving them trouble before the session feel better. This was with no hands on work yet. Just the simple process of talking about these things starts the process of change.

Spiritual/Emotional Counseling

A system of inquiry using talk therapy and imbuing it with a holistic point of view to assist clients in unleashing their innate ability to heal and resolve past traumas and wounds. Used as a method of formulating and seeking answers to questions such as “What Am I” , “Why Am I Here” and “What is really going on”.
*Wellness Consultation intake form to be completed and returned 24 hours prior to scheduled appointment.  All forms are forwarded via email once appointment is confirmed.

Bodywork/Massage Therapy

From the deep work of Ida Rolf, Shiatsu, Reflexology and Sports therapies, to the lighter touches of Lymphatic Drainage, Traditional Swedish Circulatory and Craniosacral, Bodywork/Massage Therapy is a way of moving stagnant energy that can cause pain.
Cortisol levels are lowered with regular bodywork helping to lessen the stress response to daily life challenges. This keeps the immune system working well and sleep patterns regular. Massage Therapy on a consistent basis is the best thing you can do for yourself to maintain a sense of well being and balance.

Physio Bodywork

Physical Therapy based massage that addresses chronic pain and scar tissue that has built over time due to accumulated injury, surgery or illness. Having worked directly with Doctors of Physical Therapy in an office setting my experience comes from seeing patients from varied backgrounds and circumstances. This has given me perspective on the many reasons why injury often does not heal in the best way possible or why we don’t get alleviation of pain even after major intervention. Physio bodywork can address all these issues.

Pregnancy Massage 

Enhanced techniques to address the unique challenges of the ever changing pregnant body and the growing life within.


Traditional “human” massage methods combined with energy work to create a blend that can calm the most anxious pup. Since 1994 onward I have been a hands on volunteer in the plight to help homeless and abused dogs. Having worked in some of the oldest, overcrowded shelter situations as well as having a natural love, admiration and respect for dogs of all kinds my intention is to interpret their needs and apply techniques geared towards their specific challenge. Our animals also can act as mirrors showing us things about our own selves that need attention. In helping you canine pal, you help yourself as well. 

Energetic/Etheric Healing

A hands-free approach to moving invasive energy out of the body. This type of technique can have a cleansing and detoxifying effect on not only the physical body but the auric body. If you have ever had the sensation of not “feeling like yourself” or feeling extra sensitive or “invaded” this type of session may be what is needed to alleviate that state of being.

Private Yoga/Asana Instruction

A one on one session where we uncover the optimal yoga postures for your body and health concerns. Having practiced yoga myself for over 20 years prior to becoming certified as a teacher, I personally know how yoga can change your life. Special attention is given to breathe (also known as pranayama). In the yoga tradition breathe is the vital energy of life.
This aspect of yoga is often overlooked in many modern classes offered. Syncing breathe and body movement has the ability to move life force and is another powerful tool for wellness that, once learned, can be used on your own whenever needed. 

Meditation Guidance

Cultivating willpower to still the mind and body for greater happiness and contentment. Many people have been made to believe they cannot meditate. This is because they have never been given the proper techniques needed to bring themselves to a place where they can sit without worry of thoughts rising up in the mind. Thoughts rising up are natural and something we all are challenged by.  
The true “trick” if there is one is to not allow yourself to become discouraged. Once given some simple keys to help and encouragement to keep going mediation will become something that is part of your day, much like brushing your teeth.  And the benefits on health are boundless.

Meditation for Creative People

Practical tools to access the still, small voice of intuition so easily drowned out by everyday life. This class can be offered in a variety of settings.

Organic Esthetics

A chemical-free, massage-based facial treatment to bring youthful circulation to the complexion. Enhancing natural beauty with products that are fresh and pure. Some made by me personally for each individual treatment. 

*On site services available within Los Angeles county.